Practical Flirting Advice for Guys

Let's talk about how to flirt with a girl. Flirting doesn't have to be very hard, and it's actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

Before we get into this, though, I wand to make something clear. When you flirt, it should be fun. If you're too uptight about it or if you come across like some kind of pervert, then that's not fun for anyone. This just straight up won't get you anywhere.

Let's start learning how to flirt with girls. Flirting may seem like a challenge if you're not used to it, but it's really fun with a little practice.

In fact let me say something before we delve into this. Flirting should be enjoyable. Don't take it too seriously, and don't just shout out creepy comments to women because that's not fun. That's just a waste of time that won't get you any results.

At it's heart, flirting will do two things. First, it lets her know that you interest in her. And flirting should leave the woman feeling uplifted by the interaction.

This is how you should flirt with a girl:

Now the first part is to express to her that you are interested in her. This is important because it will discretely let her know that you see her as more than a friend. And I think the best way to let her know that you are interested in her is to tell her that she's sexy. Not cute. Not hot. Just sexy!

You can just come out of the blue though and tell her that she's sexy. If you do this you'll be just the same as all the annoying guys that she just rolls her eyes at. This is where the second part of flirting becomes critical.

Flirting should be a positive experience for the girl. You have to talk to a girl first to gauge her mood before you try to flirt with her or else you run the risk of hitting a nerve. She has to put at least a small amount of herself out there. Get her to share with you how she feels about something. Then use that as material to flirt with the woman.

Here is an example of how you want to flirt. If she tells you that she's majoring in French, then have her say something unique in French. Then say something like, "Okay, you can't talk to me in French anymore. It's too sexy and I can't handle it."

Did you catch that? I told her she was sexy and complimented her on something unique about her all at once.

Now she could keep this going and flirt back. If it's her style she could try speaking in French for the rest of the evening just to see what would happen to me. It is that easy.

Another way to get even faster results is to use pushing and pulling. You starting by saying something that appears like you are pushing her away. Then you turn it around by complimenting her. This is a perfect way to keep her guessing and make you look like a fun and interesting guy.

Now let's have a better look at that last example.

"Okay , you can t talk to me in French anymore." -- This is the initial push. It comes across like I'm rejecting her.

"It s too sexy and I can t handle it." -- This part is the following pull. You just have to change an insult into a good thing.

This is the secret to flirting with a woman. This is actually really easy once you've done it a few times and it seems natural. The advantages of learning this is going to be more than worth it for you. So get out there and meet some girls.

Tips For Shopping Online

1. Ensure that you're entering your payment details on a good site. Look for "https://" inside the URL from the site that you're trying to buy something from. If you don't see that or no sign of any website security, then it's probably a good idea not to trust those people along with your account information.

2. When shopping online, always try to keep in mind the price of shipping. Many sites offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. In the event that you have to pay shipping, make sure that it is going to fit into your budget after you've added everything to your cart. Using a full cart only to find out you are unable to afford the shipping is never an enjoyable experience.

3. When you're shopping online you should be sure you know who you're buying from. If you're buying with an online auction site, only buy from people that have positive feedback. On other sites look to see when they are a reputable company by searching for reviews upon them online.

4. Online shopping is a great way to find items that are out of stock at your local store. As an example, if you are unable to find a certain size of jeans at the store in your area, you can look on the store's website and learn if they are available to be shipped to you.

5. When shopping online, choose the best shipping policy. Often companies offer expedited shipping. However, many times getting the product one day earlier can cost you as much as twice the normal shipping price. Therefore, if you can wait on the product to arrive using normal shipping instead of expedited shipping, choose standard shipping to save money.



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