How Do You Spiritually Heal From An Abortion?

Abortion is one of those controversial subjects that most people have an opinion about. Either they would or they wouldn't.

But it's not until you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you have to decide, where you have to take your current situation and make a decision.

The numbers are staggering worldwide the amount of women who have had an abortion. And it's such a closed subject that undoubtedly countless women suffer greatly for many years to come.

Abortion is even responsible for higher than average suicide rates in woman 6 months after having one, and women who have had an abortion also suffer greater odds of having breast cancer.

So much unacknowledged, unhealed pain.

Abortion is not one of those subjects you share even in the same way as you would talk about having a miscarriage.

There's a lot of shame with abortion, a lot of guilt.

It's such a layered issue that it's not clear cut in how you go about healing it. Abortion solves one problem but creates many more.

There is a silenced grief with having an abortion, after all a woman chose it, so why feel hurt over something you chose?

One of the many journeys of healing that some women go on is to take a spiritual approach to healing their abortion. This is not a cop-out , a way to avoid feelings; because by now most women have felt about as bad as anyone could feel.

Abortion is not just a physical issue. It's also a soul issue. Some women are lead on a path of discovery that takes them to a deeper soul level of understanding about why the abortion doesn't seem to want to let them go emotionally.

There is a deeper learning and growth that shows them more about themselves and why they had this experience of abortion to learn their life lessons through.

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