Headline: Why you should visit Bhutan

Getaway the monotonous life and take a long week holiday to Bhutan, a little country which will please you with its serenity and beauty. Enjoy charming drives as you hop from one attractive town to the other. Beautiful river streams, lush-green valleys, exotic wildlife and perilously positioned monasteries paint the landscape of Bhutan.

Headline: Why you should visit Bhutan.

Bhutan is officially called the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is a land-locked country located in South of Asia. It is said to be a country of Dzong, monasteries and Buddhist culture. This is the perfect place for trekkers. You can get excellent Bhutan tour packages from Delhi and head on to this charming country. Let us enlist before you top five reasons to visit Bhutan.

  1. Gross National Happiness: When you will visit Bhutan, you will effortlessly blend in the happiness the country is embraced in. Here GNP i.e. Gross National Happiness is a parameter to judge the development rather than Gross Domestic Product which is GDP. The quality of life is measured by spiritual and mental well being of the person.

  1. Trekking: The trekking in Bhutan will prove wonderful. Yes, the routes will be physically challenging and tiring, you might also be bothered by leeches on the way but all this is worth because in the end you will come face to face with pristine beauty.

  1. Cuisine:The cuisine of Bhutan is most special. The food is influenced by its bordering countries like Tibet, India and China. But still it has managed to keep the unique character of its food. It is spicier than almost all the Tibetian dishes and less oily than Chinese or Indian food. When you visit Bhutan do not forget to taste these few dishes given here. Jasha Maru or Maroo. This dish is served with red rice and it is a mix of chillies, onion, tomato, garlic, coriander leaves and ginger with finely diced chicken. Ema Datshi: This is another dish of Bhutan which is made up of chillies, cow’s or yak’s cheese onions and tomatoes served with red rice. Phaksha Paa: This is pork made with red chillies. Momos or Dumplings are steamed buns filled with cabbage, cheese, pork or beef.

  1. Art and Crafts of Bhutan: The art and craft of Bhutan is quite famous and includes various things like woodwork, stonework, sculpting, painting, wood turning at Swan Tours. Customized Bhutan holiday Packages. Plan a travel to Bhutan and its various tourist attractions with Bhutan holiday packages. Explore exciting Bhutan Packages with Swantour.com

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