Dell Business Computer Models naming

This article will shows you how Dell naming for the Business computer, and here you will know Vostro, Latitude and Precision Models naming law.

Whether you are a creative idea explorers, like irrigation foaming who pursue the pleasures of life designer, advocating simple and comfortable life at home, or to challenge the limits perfect fever crazy person, Dell can say, "You want I have."

Dell notebook is divided into two major consumer and commercial branch, the branch also has three to four series, including consumer models include Mini (netbooks), Inspiron, Studio, Adamo and Alienware, business models including Vostro, Latitude and Precision.

In terms of business models have a similar situation, such as "Vostro 3400 (T520401CN)", the first digit represents the first generations of products, such as "3" for the latest Core i5 / i3 series models, "1" is the last generation Intel platform. The second digit in the three series in the screen size may indicate, for example, 3400 is the 14-inch models, and then in a series of meaningless, such as Vostro 1088.

In the Latitude series, the old models of naming is like this: for example to Latitude E6500, the first letter are usually an alphabet E; the second digit represents processor performance, the larger the number the better the performance; third digits represent the screen size; the last two are usually the number 0, there is no meaning. Here you can get the popular laptop drivers , high performance and lightweight portable has been switched to Intel CULV Core i and a low-voltage processor. Produce distribution exhaustive.

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