Bandit 73" Cat Tree

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Bandit 73" Cat Tree
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Bandit 73" Cat Tree Review

Give your cats a reason to have fun with this 73" Cat Tree in Brown & Beige. It has multiple play areas, perches, condos, and scratching posts – perfect if your cats are fun-loving! This 73" Cat Tree in Brown & Beige is made from good quality wood material, which makes it durable and sturdy. The tough wood with which this cat tree has been made is layered with soft faux fur. The fur of this cat tree is comfortable and soft. It is just what your cats need to feel relaxed and at ease. With a... ( Read more ... )
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This room divider features a lovely motif, with a fruit tree in white blossom, and bright flowers around the base. The room divider is crafted from silk covered paper, glued over four side-by-side lacquered wood frames. Use it as a privacy screen or a decorative display, easily mounted on any wall with the included geometric hangers. No two renderings are exactly the same so this will be a unique addition to your home.
This three foot tall canvas room divider features a classic Chinese scene. Known for their sublime beauty, the blossoming plum tree has been a fixture in Chinese art and poetry for centuries. The bright red blossoms first appear amidst the white winter snow and are an early sign of spring, representing hope, perseverance, and purity amidst hardship. This beautiful four panel screen recreates that winter scene, bringing the beauty of Chinese art and the hope of a new spring to your home or...
This four panel room divider depicts a traditional Japanese cherry tree in bloom. An enduring symbol of Japan, the cherry blossom has featured prominently in its art and literature for over a thousand years. The flowering of the cherry trees is a breathtakingly beautiful event that is eagerly awaited every spring and lasts less than two weeks. This screen captures that fleeting moment by depicting the springtime sun shining down upon a lone cherry tree, boughs sagging under the weight of the...
Reproduced in stunning color from the Tibetan original, this room divider depicts the Buddha meditating beneath the Bodhi tree at the exact moment he achieved enlightenment. Beset on all sides by powerful demons representing desire, doubt, temptation, and other distractions, the Buddha defeats them all with focus and concentration. Left hand held still in meditation, with his right hand he calls upon the earth itself to bear witness to his triumph. Printed on high quality natural canvas on both...
Working in wrought iron the beauty of the mighty ceiba tree was caught with this Ceiba Iron Sconce. Leaves cover the branch, which is painted in a deep copper tone. Designed to hang on the wall, the candle holder holds a single candle.
The beauty of this 3 Piece Tree of Life Wall Décor Set lies in its simplicity. It’s bold, yet gentle, rustic yet refined. 
Behind every pattern exists a story that reflects the wonder just beyond your doorstep, transforming objects of daily living into things of beauty. In the southern autumn the ground is full of color from the tree. In any combination, they are just completely warm and vibrant.
This brand is known for harmonizing tranquil colors and classic shapes allowing you to bring the lush tropics to your home decor with this multi-trunked bamboo tree. The majestic silk plant showcases thousands of leaves on real bamboo trunks. Bamboo is a natural material that absorbs color in various degrees, and these natural trunks have slight color variations that make the product more lifelike and enhance the beauty of the item. Use this tree as a decorative accessory to add dramatic appeal...
Make a bold statement in your entryway with this eclectic metal bench with a textural tree branch frame and beige cushion seatBoth comfy and stylish, this cushion bench is made from solid iron welded into textural, rolling tree branches holding a solid wood seat with a linen-textured, wheat beige cotton cushion. The uniquely rustic style makes this a stunning entryway bench, living room accent bench, or bedroom bench at the foot of your bed. The neutral hues work with any color palette.
Share your favorite photographs with this unique and beautiful frame. This black frame features two playful bears laying on a tree trunk with ample space below to hold up to five photos, a great way to display those treasured moments.

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