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The Health and Peace of Purging Your Business and Your Life

As with any remodeling or moving you are in a position to make decisions for what to keep and what to purge. I have purged A LOT and ARC and Goodwill are very happy with me. That said, I have also saved some things. Closets were filled with prom dres...

How To Create Successful Habits

Learning how to create successful habits is imperative if you are going to succeed in the long run, in business or in life. Everyone has habits that over the years they have formed, which essentially set the groundwork for the person you will become....

Do You Say Thank You Often Enough?

To feel gratitude without expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. How often do you express gratitude for day to day things?I'm sitting in my sunroom today, on a beautiful sunny day, looking out over the bay, watching small boats s...

3 Life Changing Lessons From Jerry and Esther Hicks

I remember the first time I sat down to listen to a Jerry and Esther Hicks recording. Jerry explained that Esther would be channeling Abraham and that Abraham's teachings would be taught through Esther. As you can imagine I was just a little skeptica...

What Does The Phrase Ask And It Is Given Mean To You?

Ask and it is given it s a familiar phrase to most of us, isn t it? It is also the cornerstone of the Law of Attraction, which tells us that if we focus on something we can bring it into our lives. If you are unsure about this law, consider some of t...

Beat the Procrastination Bug

Procrastination can prevent you from accomplishing your goals and living your dream life. If you follow these steps you can beat the procrastination bug and move forward with your life. Everyone in this world has goals, things they want to accomplish...

Organize Clutter With 14 Uncomplicated Tips

How to organize clutter before it weighs you down using these 14 easy and uncomplicated tips to clearing the clutter in your home.Greek mythology is fascinating and the story of Pandora s box is a spell binding myth. Prometheus was a Titan who was a ...

How to Stand Out In a Conversation

Standing out in a conversation is not easy. Most of us are educated to try and fit in rather than stand out. We typically know much better how to do this. However, standing out can be learned. Here are some of the most effective ways to stand out in ...

Soul Freedom Exercise: Foundation Stones

SOUL FREEDOM EXERCISES Exercises To Do Together by Al Link and Pala Copeland FOUNDATION STONES On a level of consciousness much deeper than the rational, you must come to believe that you have a purpose for being here, that you are capable of knowin...

How Can I Grow Taller Quickly?

The Growing Process Your growth is determined by genetics, your diet, and your environment. Even though you may genetically be able to reach a specific height, for example, if you don t have an adequate diet or you live in a polluted environment you ...



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